Draft Q&A: Dexter McCluster

After he was selected by the Chiefs with the 36th overall pick in the NFL Draft, Dexter McCluster met with the media.  Here are the highlights.

What role do you expect to play in this offense?

“My role I think will be whatever Coach (Todd) Haley wants me to be.  If he wants me be a slot receiver, if he wants me to be running back or return punts and kickoff return, that’s where I’ll be.  It’s up to the big guy.”

Have you done much returning in college?

“Not much, you know early in my career, in 2006 I did up until some things happened.  Everything is good, I do it every day, I work hard every day and it’s not going to be a problem at all.”

Why didn’t you do more of it in college?

“Coach Houston Nutt came in and he wanted to keep me fresh for the offense because he felt that I was a key aspect to the offense so he wanted to keep me healthy and fresh.”

You played some wide receiver early in your career and now the Chiefs are planning on having you play at wide receiver.  How do you think you’ll translate to a wide receiver in the NFL?

“Oh I think it’ll be easy.  I have a running back background coming out of high school.  I came into Ole Miss and played some slot receiver outside some and it kind of helped me out in my game, it made me more versatile.  I don’t think the transition is going to be that hard, just the will to want to do it and the will to get better.”

Do you like returning kicks?

“I really do.  I love it.  Every time a team would talk to me I would tell them I love it.  Kansas City had me work out and catch some punts for them and I think I did a great job and I’ll be OK.”

Did you talk to the Chiefs before being drafted?

“I have before.  They came down and put me through a private workout and I wanted to make sure that I made a lasting impression on them with my character and my on-the-field ability.  I think that pretty much sealed the deal and I hope that they don’t regret anything.”

Is there anyone you would model your game after?

“You know what, I watched a lot of Barry Sanders growing up, a lot of Warrick Dunn growing up.  Right now, I have watched a lot of Chris Johnson, I tried to pad up my skills around some of those guys but at the end of the day, I want to make a name for myself, I want to be known as Dexter McCluster.”

What about the possibility of running some Wildcat for the Chiefs?

“Sounds good.  I am like a deer in the headlights every time I hear Wildcat Formation.  I think I will fit in that.  If we are presented with the right opportunity, I promise 99.9 percent of the time I won’t let you down.”

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