Draft Q&A: Eric Berry

After he was selected by the Chiefs with the fifth overall pick in the NFL Draft, Eric Berry met with the media.  Here are the highlights.

Opening Statement

“I am very excited to be a Kansas City Chief.  They have great tradition, great fans and I am excited to get to Kansas City and get to work.  I am looking forward to putting on the pads.”

What were your impressions of the Chiefs when you interviewed with them?

“I loved it.  Not only did I like the coaching staff, but they are also a very good staff and they are about their business.  I feel like it is a privilege to work with those guys.  They have a lot of wisdom on the defensive side of the ball, particularly with (defensive coordinator) Romeo Crennel and (defensive backs coach) Emmitt Thomas.  Guys like that on the defensive side of the ball that I can look up to and they can kind of show me and groom me into the kind of safety I need to be.”

What do you bring to the table?

“I bring intensity and passion for the game.  Also, I bring in all the character things, things off the field. I love working in the community, I love just being a great guy to people and I am just excited to be part of the Kansas City Chiefs with all the wonderful fans.”

On Fridays before games you helped the equipment guys.  Why did you do that?

“I just wanted to help the guys out and give a sense of appreciation to the managers on our team.  They work so hard and I wanted to put myself in their shoes so I could appreciate what they do for me.  They always make sure my equipment is all intact; my shoulder pads are good and make sure my helmet is looking good.  I wanted to see what they went through on a day-to-day basis to help me and show my appreciation to those guys.”

How much did you benefit from playing under Monte Kiffin?

“Coach Kiffin showed me so many things.  He showed me a lot about defense and why he was calling plays.  Not just telling me to just run that or run this, but he actually showed me why we were running it and what plays it was going to stop.  I felt like he really prepared me for this level.”

What do you know about the one flag you accumulated at Tennessee?

“That was a pass interference call my freshman year.  I don’t know if it was pass interference, but they called it on me.  After that, I really did put pride in not getting penalties.  I don’t like to put my team in bad situations so I made sure that I did everything to just try and play good, clean football.”

A lot of people are comparing you to S Ed Reed.  Who do you think you compare to?

“I watched a lot of film on Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu.  I am just trying take both of them and make my own type of safety.  One that will come up and hit, but at the same time get interceptions and take them to the house.”

What are you going to do with your money?  You have anything in particular you want to buy right away?

“No, I just really want to get the 2010 Camaro.  I love Chevy.  That’ll be the first thing maybe.  I already took care of my mom.  My mom has a Range Rover but I’m just looking forward to putting the rest of that of way so when I get my car I’ll buy a nice comfortable place to stay.  I’ll be done with all that and be on to training camp.”

Do you consider yourself a leader?

“Yes I do consider myself a leader, especially because I was voted captain summer of my freshman year and was actually a four-year captain.  I went into my sophomore year although I was only 19 at the time but at the time, 23, 22 and even 24-year olds were voting me as the team captain.”

Do you expect to be in training camp on time since you mentioned it already?

“Oh yeah I really expect to be in training camp on time.  I’m ready to go to work.  That’s one of the big reasons why I picked my agent because that’s one of his main things also.”

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