Draft: St. Louis Rams Are On The Clock

Because the Detroit Lions have reached an agreement with  Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford.


The Lions will formally take Stafford with the No. 1 pick in the draft Saturday as they agreed on a six-year deal Friday night that will pay the former Georgia quarterback $41.7 million in guarantees and as much as $78 million.

Quarterback Matt Ryan, the No. 3 pick in last year’s draft, was signed to a $72 million, six-year contract with $34.75 million guaranteed by the Falcons.

Stafford always seemed to be Plan A, but Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry and Baylor offensive tackle Jason Smith apparently were backup options.

Lions coach Jim Schwartz said the team did their homework on Stafford:

“We’ve seen every pass he’s thrown in the last two years, and that’s where you learn about his decision-making ability.”

Well, they sure better be confident because $41 million is a ton of cash to any franchise.  But when your team is located in one of the states hit hardest by the current recession, it’s even harder to recover from that kind of gaffe.  So the way I figure it (I wasn’t an economics major, so bear with me) if a team misses on a quarterback at the top of the draft it sets their franchise back 5 years.  If the Lions, in this economic climate, miss on Stafford they may not recover for a decade.

The draft is just hours away but it feels like days.  Just get here already!  I will be live blogging the draft here at kcchiefsblog.com so check back early and often throughout the day.  And if you have any comments/questions that you want included in the next episode of The Red & Gold Report, submit them via the contact form in the right sidebar.

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