Dustin Colquitt Talks About His Hero

After 22 years in the NFL, Giants punter Jeff Fealges called it a career on April 30th.  For most players, their heroes were Joe Montana, Walter Payton or Jerry Rice.  Not Chiefs punter Dustin Colquitt, he always looked up to Feagles, reports Bob Gretz.

“I remember the first season I was here, we played the Giants and I remember running out on the field before the game and making a bee-line for Jeff,” said Chiefs punter Dustin Colquitt.  “I was so excited to get to speak with him.  I went running up to him and told him I had worked with Steve Hoffman after I was drafted when the Chiefs brought him in to work on some stuff and clean me up.  It was Hoff who was his coach at the University of Miami and found the guy (in an Arizona junior college.)

“I told him I used to play him on the Tecmo Super Bowl (video) game.”

As he’s studied Feagles and knows his story, can Colquitt even comprehend still punting the football in the NFL season of 2026 … that would be his 22nd season?

“I know now that it’s possible,” Colquitt said.  “I’ve got five years in; I’m starting my sixth season and going that long doesn’t seem possible right now.

“But you never know.  Jeff showed us that it can be done.”

Can you even imagine playing such a violent game for 22 years?  Obviously this is where you say “Punters aren’t real players!”, but I’m sure Colquitt would argue otherwise after getting blown up on a punt return (when he allows one).

Next time we see him put a kick inside the 10-yard line, we can thank Feagles for giving Colquitt a few tips over the past few years.

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