Dustin Colquitt’s Most Accurate Punt Ever

Kansas City Chiefs punter Dustin Colquitt placed a career best 54 percent of his punts inside the 20 last season. And he’s following up that incredible season with just over 47 percent through nine weeks.colquitt2

Colquitt could put every one of his punts the rest of the season inside the 20 and he won’t top the work he managed to do nine months ago. As it turns out, he managed to time out the birth of his fifth child for this week, the Chiefs bye.

I have trouble planning dinner and this guy manages to have a baby in a one week window.

“I just dialed up to the maker and said we need it on the bye week if possible,” Colquitt told The Kansas City Star. “… When the schedule came out, as a Christian man I thought, that could not have been better timing.”

As it turns out, he’ll have no trouble getting his entire family in one place to celebrate. That’s because next Sunday Dustin will travel with the Chiefs to face off against brother Britton and the Denver Broncos.

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