Dwayne Bowe In Position To Make History

There is no arguing that Kansas City Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe has been amazing over the last 7 games.  13 touchdowns over that span — 14 for the season — is enough to get anyone to turn their head, especially when it comes from a player that has been as puzzling as Bowe.

The focus now turns to just how long this train can stay on the rails.

Could Bowe end up with one of the best seasons ever by a wide receiver?  Don’t scoff, it’s not out of the question.

Randy Moss owns the record for touchdown catches in a season with 23.  Right behind Moss is Jerry Rice (22) and third is a tie between Mark Clayton and Sterling Sharpe (18).

Kansas City has 5 games left with Bowe sitting 9 behind Moss.  Under normal circumstances I would doubt any receiver could turn in 10 touchdowns over 5 games, but we’ve already seen Bowe average nearly 2 per game during his amazing 7 week run.  Even if he repeats the past 5 games (9 scores) he would be tied with Moss.

A run towards the all-time single season record would also place him second for most consecutive games with a TD, one behind Rice’s 13 with a chance to take over the top spot in 2011.

To his credit, when Bowe does choose to speak to the media, he is saying all the right things.

“Records and all that good stuff, all that is good, but the main goal is trying to win it all.  I won’t feel right to we at least make it there, make it to the big dance.”

It is all good stuff, but could it end up leading to one of the best seasons ever?

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