Bowe On Haley: He Definitely Don’t Want No Punk

Kansas City Chiefs head coach made a lot of headlines last week, not for his team’s first victory of the season, but for the screaming match he had with quarterback Matt Cassel following a busted third-down play.

WR Dwayne Bowe was on the field for the play and told ESPN Radio’s Doug Gottlieb that while he wasn’t sure exactly what went down, that the two of them having words is nothing new.

“They yell at each other every day at practice, so that’s nothing new,” Bowe said.  “You guys just caught it on tape.  That’s all day.”

Gottlieb asked if Haley wants every player to have a back-and-forth with him.

“I don’t know if yelling back at him, but he definitely don’t want no punk.  He wants a guy to take control and if that’s how he feels like that’s how he has to do it, that’s how he has to do it.”

For Bowe, the tough-love approach is just fine with him.

“I don’t have a problem with it.  I’m gonna get the job done regardless, no matter if you tell me … a nice way or the way he does, I’m still gonna get the job done.”

Though the wide receiver didn’t object to Haley’s tactics, he wasn’t over the top in his support for Haley when he was asked if the head coach still had control of the locker room.

“Every coach does, but, you know, we still got the leaders on the team that’s looking over the locker room.”

Bowe’s tone wasn’t negative throughout the interview, so I’ll take that statement more as support for the veterans like Thomas Jones than anything attempting to slight Haley.

Overall, it should put to bed any deep meaning behind the sideline blowup, since the two clearly were just playing the way they practice.

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