Bowe Knows What Baldwin Needs To Do

(photo via Kent Babb)

Kansas City Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe knows what is in store for Jonathan Baldwin if the rookie shows up to training camp looking to get in shape instead of already being in shape.  The Pro Bowl WR was happy to share that wisdom with Baldwin after the Chiefs made him their first round pick.

“You don’t want to go that route,” said Bowe, looking toned in street clothes during a youth activity event at a Kansas City, North, YMCA.  “I told him that the first conversation we had.”

He said Tuesday that during the lockout he reminded Baldwin, who at 6 feet 4 and 228 pounds is taller and heavier than Bowe, that it’s easy to fall out of shape when you fall out of the NFL routine. Bowe used his own experience as an example.

“I showed him from my first two years till now,” Bowe said, “what (being in) shape will do.”

Baldwin was the No. 26 overall pick in April’s draft, and he hasn’t yet signed a contract with the Chiefs.  Bowe said that, in his telephone conversations with the rookie, Baldwin told him he had continued working out in Pennsylvania, where he grew up.

This weekend we can finally stop guessing how Baldwin will handle himself on the field and see it with our own eyes.  In a lot of ways we won’t even have to wait that long.  If the rookie doesn’t pass Haley’s conditioning test, that will be a huge red flag and erase a lot of the good will he has earned during the offseason.

If having to answer questions about being a diva during every interview wasn’t enough to keep Baldwin on the right path, hopefully Bowe’s comments did.  I understand how a young player can hear from a player that has always done things the right way and not take them seriously, but Bowe has had amazing highs and lows just over the last two seasons.

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