Michael Vick: Andy Reid Is A Great Man, Friend


Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has said all the right things about Thursday’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles not being about him. But those statements have all been drowned out by his current and former players acknowledging this isn’t just another game.

Reid’s influence can be seen throughout this Eagles roster, with starting QB Michael Vick serving as the biggest example.

Vick missed two years of football while serving time for federal crimes and the quarterback was hopeful of getting a chance. And that chance came from Reid in the form of a one-year contract with no guaranteed money in 2009.

Since then Vick has signed a lucrative contract and is flourishing in Chip Kelly’s uptempo offense. The opportunity given to him by Reid is something Vick is still thankful for.

“I’ll never forget the opportunities that have been given to me by this organization, by Andy Reid. That’ll never change,” Vick told reporters. “But it’s not me against Andy Reid, it’s not us against Andy Reid, it’s the Philadelphia Eagles against the Kansas City Chiefs. They got guys over there who are coming to play good football.”

Before the teams face off, Vick made it clear he’ll find time to talk with his former coach on the field. For now he is reflecting on the relationship between the two.

“He’s a great man. He’s a great friend,” Vick said. “I’m definitely going to stay in touch with him, probably for the rest of my life. He’s a great a guy. … Andy Reid will go down in history in my book as one of the greatest coaches of all time and one of the greatest men I’ve ever met.”

What’s the over/under on times the Vick/Reid pre-game meeting is shown before and during the game by the NFL Network Thursday? 10?

If we don’t see a Reid/Vick/Eagles drinking game emerge between now and kickoff, I’ll be supremely disappointed.

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