Eat Like The Haley’s On Super Bowl Sunday

Like all but two head coaches, Todd Haley won’t be watching the Super Bowl from the sidelines on Sunday, which will provide the opportunity to have a big meal with family and friends.  In the past, the Haley’s have been connected (not in a good way) to McDonalds, but Mrs. Haley was able to share with The Star one of her favorite recipes and why it’s so close to her heart.

My family is everything to me, and certain foods speak to my Polish heritage.  This recipe I’m sharing has been passed down for generations by the Coolick family, which is my maiden name.  My father, Bob, was the 10th child born into a family of 12 children, and it was devastating when he died in 1999.  When we moved to Kansas City two years ago, I found my father’s family tree directory from 1989, and I looked to see if I had any relatives in the area.  I found my 73-year-old first cousin, Rita Coolick Zahner, who lives in Leawood.  Her father, Joe, was the second oldest of my dad’s brothers.  It has been so wonderful getting to know her, to see the family resemblance and to hear the family stories from her.

Todd loves this dish, and although I don’t make it very often, when I do, it’s like my father is in the kitchen with me.

Click over to The Star for the Kielbasa dish that Todd Haley will be having on Super Bowl Sunday.  It’s certainly miles away from a dead rat in a McDonalds salad and if I had any confidence in myself being able to make it without destroying my kitchen permanently, I would put it on my menu for this weekend

Instead, I think I’ll stick with nachos, pizza bites and wings.

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