Ed Podolak On The Road To Recovery

Back in February we heard about the severe injuries former Kansas City Chiefs RB Ed Podolak suffered when he was hit by a car in Arizona.  Now Podolak is talking about the long road to recovery he now finds himself on.

For the past 5 weeks he has been rehabbing under the watchful eye of Paul Pursley at UI Sports Medicine in Iowa City.  “I am doing better every day.  It is tough.  It is a long road.  The big “P”, patience is what I am fighting right now.”

Eddie hopes to be rid of the wheelchair in two weeks.  Being able to drive again, he says, also will give him some freedom he misses.

“if I want an ice cream cone at 8 o’clock I can get out of my hotel and go get it.”

Podolak said his mental rehabilitation has been aided by time spent with Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz, the other assistants and players at the football complex.  He said he has every intention of rejoining Gary Dolphin in the broadcast booth September 3 for the Hawkeye football opener against Tennessee Tech.

As soon as he started his rehab, Podolak has been talking about being back for Iowa’s opening game.  At first I never thought that would happen, but wouldn’t you know the former Chiefs great just keeps making amazing progress.

If he is already moving around this well in just two and a half months, my money is now on Podolak making his way to the broadcast booth in September.

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