Chiefs Get Burned By Emmanuel Sanders’ Agent

Emmanuel Sanders

The first week of free agency hasn’t gone well for the Kansas City Chiefs.

On Saturday night, things went from bad to worse after the agent for WR Emmanuel Sanders took their handshake deal and started shopping it around the league.

Agent Steve Weinberg, according to Ian Rapoport, accepted the deal with the Chiefs and then started to work off those numbers in negotiations with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He then later did the same with the Denver Broncos and this time agreed to terms… again.

“This was one of the worst situations in modern football negotiations,” an executive involved told Rapoprt. “Totally wrong. This needs to be stopped.”

It turns out this isn’t the first time Weinberg has done something shady. The report has the full story of his checkered past that shouldn’t make something like this seem so surprising.

And though to fans and executives involved this move burns, there’s a reason why a deal isn’t done until it’s done. I’ve never once negotiated a sports contract, but as simple as it is, I learned over 15 years ago taking someone’s word can be dangerous.

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