Endless Possibilities On KC Offense

When the Kansas City Chiefs signed free agent running back Thomas Jones away from the Jets, immediately speculation began about how often Jamaal Charles would share the field with his new running mate.  Now that they have the versatile rookie Dexter McCluster has joined the fray and guard Brian Waters told The Star the possibilities are endless.

“I wouldn’t be surprised at some point if you see Jamaal, Thomas and Dexter on the field at the same time,” Waters said.  “As a defense, what do you decide to do?  Do you decide this is a regular set and you’re going to have your regular defense out there, or do you decide that this is a passing set and you’re going to have more (defensive backs) out there?

“You just put the defenses in some bad situations, and you’re able to take advantage of those things.  If you can throw all these different things from week to week at a defense, there’s no way they can be prepared for everything.

“You want to have as many options as you can.”

We talked a bit yesterday about needing to see McCluster in pads taking a beating every day before anointing him as an immediate offensive weapon, but he does bring a ton of potential to the table.

Can you imagine Jones alone in the backfield with Charles and McCluster both split wide with Dwayne Bowe?  Even the anti-Wildcat folks would get excited about seeing McCluster taking the snap as he’s flanked by Jones and Charles.

Even though he will be focusing his time on defense and special teams, don’t count out Javier Arenas finding his way into some offensive sets during training camp.

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