Eric Berry Makes His Debut

(Photo via John Sleezer)

After missing the first day of training camp, Chiefs first-round pick Eric Berry made his debut in St. Joseph this morning.  He was ready for action, but first Berry needed to pass Todd Haley’s infamous conditioning test which the rookie said wasn’t exactly a problem.

“That was pretty easy, so I guess I’m (in shape);”

“I was just so excited to get out here with my teammates,” Berry said.  “Yesterday was the first practice that I missed in my whole life.  I’m ready to get to work.”

He felt so bad about missing the first practice of camp that he decided to address the team.

“I apologized to my teammates in the team meeting and told them that I was sorry for missing,” Berry said.  “I told them that I’m here and that I’m ready to help this organization to get where it needs to be.”

Berry received the biggest crowd reaction when he came out on the field for the morning practice, but was rudely welcomed by fellow SEC rookie Dexter McCluster.  Berry was left grasping at nothing but air when McCluster delivered a stutter step.

Outside of that one play, Berry said his first day went well.  Even though he missed time, he immediately moved into the starting lineup, playing next to Jon McGraw just as he did at the end of OTAs.  He also ended his first practice on a high note, lugging not only his own gear into the locker room, but also Dwayne Bowe’s shoulder pads and Maurice Leggett’s helmet.

One day into his career as a Kansas City Chief and what’s not to like?  Outside of one play against McCluster (and Dexter will likely do that to plenty of Chiefs defenders this season in practice) all signs point to Berry looking like the real deal.

He even made sure not to “pull a Dez” and carried his teammates’ equipment without complaint.  And apologizing to the team for missing one practice when there are still players in the league without a contract?  I will go out on a limb and say that you will be able to count on one hand the amount of players that feel the need to address him teammates due to remorse over a holdout, no matter the length.

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