ESPN: Flowers, Berry, Carr & Arenas Among Best In AFC West

Bill Williamson at continues to go position-by-position around the AFC West as he breaks down the secondary.  Among his rankings are four Chiefs, led by Brandon Flowers.

5. Brandon Flowers, Kansas City: You may not know much about this third-year player.  But you will. Flowers is outstanding.

8. Eric Berry, Kansas City: I wouldn’t be surprised if Berry was in the top four next year.  The No. 5 overall draft pick is a star waiting to happen.

12. Brandon Carr, Kansas City: Carr is a big reason why the Chiefs are so excited about their secondary.  He’s a feisty No. 2 corner.

17. Javier Arenas, Kansas City: I’m excited to see this second-round pick play.  I think he’ll be a playmaker.

I’m not one to usually get too tied up in these rankings, especially when they are coming from people that clearly do not watch the Chiefs ass closely as they should.  But Flowers not cracking the top 5 in the division?  You would be fair to keep him out of that group if we were talking about the entire league, but there’s no doubt in my mind he is at least third in the division.

Carr has been fantastic during his first two years in the league and carries a world of potential.  Hard to argue for a higher slot for him though when a defense is as bad as the Chiefs has been over the past couple of years.

The more curious choices here might be Berry and Arenas.  I’m as excited about these two as anyone, but is it fair to have them ranked as high as they are before taking a single snap in the NFL?

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