Tamba Hali Rises In 2006 Re-Draft

When Kansas City Chiefs LB Tamba Hali entered the 2006 draft, he was seen by many as a late first or early second round pick. Ultimately then-GM Carl Peterson decided to select the defensive end from Penn State at No. 20. Eight defensive linemen/linebackers were taken ahead of Hali, including Mario Williams first overall to the Houston Texans.

ESPN has taken a look back, re-drafted the 2006 first round and to no one’s surprise, Hali has shot to the top of the first round. Of all the original first round picks, he made one of the biggest jumps… all the way to No. 5.

No. 4 New York Jets
Tamba Hali, DE, Penn St.

Who has the most sacks from this class? It’s not Williams, the former No. 1 pick. No, it’s Hali, who has been brilliant since converting to the 3-4 as an OLB. With 53.5 sacks in five seasons — and only getting better — he’s quietly been very, very good, and quite durable, playing in 95 of 96 games. Imagine him in Rex Ryan’s system. Previous draft spot: No. 20

In the re-draft, Williams was projected one spot after Hali and only one defensive player — Haloti Ngata — was ahead of the Chiefs linebacker.

As for Kansas City’s original spot of 20? Pro Bowl guard Davin Joseph lands there after being selected No. 23 by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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