ESPN The Magazine Editor: We Have Bowe On Tape

Dwayne Bowe finally spoke out about his importing comments today and claims that he was “misquoted“.  His only other statement (via Eddie Kennison” was that he never spoke to the reporter for the story.  ESPN The Magazine editor Gary Belsky told The Pitch today that he knows Bowe wasn’t misquoted for the story because he has a tape.

“If Eddie Kennison wants to come to my office, I will play him the tape from that conversation,” Belsksy says.

Belsky wants to be clear . He doesn’t have a beef with Bowe.  He thinks he’s a good guy.  He just doesn’t know what Bowe said to Kennison.  All he can speak to is Bowe’s conversation with Matz; he says he’s read the transcript and listened to the audio file.

“We have no reason not to believe it,” Belsky says.  “He was being honest.  Players are honest with us and they know that we will deal with them fairly.  We quoted him at length.  We didn’t cut out anything that was significant or that would have changed the nature of the comments.”

Bowe has to be very careful with his words here.  In his mini-press conference he said his comments were taken out of context and then followed it with his misquoted line.  There’s a world of difference between “I never said it” and “I was joking around”.

I’m actually very surprised that he answered as many questions about the situation as he did.  After his first answer he could have (should have?) just stuck to his guns about moving forward and only answering football questions.

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