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When the Kansas City Chiefs arrive in River Falls, Wisconsin for their final training camp there, what will the team need to do in order to consider the trip a success?  Bill Williamson on his AFC West blog previews the Chiefs training camp TrainingCamp1including how the team will need to buy into coach Todd Haley’s approach.

The Chiefs were shell-shocked as they transitioned to the tough Haley, who was groomed by Bill Parcells.  The Chiefs were used to the easy-going ways of Herm Edwards.  Haley is much more demanding and harsher than Edwards ever was.

Haley is a certified screamer and he has expressed this offseason that his team — which won a total of six games over the past two seasons — needs to be better in all phases of the game.  He also directed a mass weight-loss program because he thought his team was too heavy and too soft.  A coach like Haley can either light a fire under a team or alienate it.  His first training camp could indicate which way it will go.  If the team is behind Haley, the Chiefs’ rebuilding period could be shorter than expected.

See this is the biggest mistake I think a lot of people in the mainstream media are making right now.  While I am just as excited to see how the Chiefs respond to Todd Haley’s approach, one season isn’t going to decide if he’s the right man for the job or not.  The players that buy into the program will have a chance to be in Kansas City for the long haul and those that don’t will be jettisoned either during training camp or after the season.  Is there a chance he “alienates” the current team during camp?  Sure and maybe that leads to the Chiefs taking more lumps than they should this season.  But I would still see that as progress because Haley and Pioli will not only be able to weed out the weaker players but they’ll have more information to take into next offseason when they trying to decide which free agents to pursue.

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