Eye On The Team Store

The Chiefs may have dropped to 1-7 with a loss in Jacksonville yesterday, but the folks at The New York Daily News are pointing out some good economic news coming out of the team store.

The Kansas City Chiefs have lowered the price of their logo shot glasses to just $7.00 at the team store on their Web site.  A gift that makes watching the Chiefs more tolerable – 2 ounces at a time.  Chiefs garden gnomes are still $25, however.

Anyway, we think it was a sound business decision to lower the shot glass price as booze consumption is up 821% on Sundays in the greater Kansas City area this year.  Or so we hear.  Sunday, the Chiefs coughed up 426 yards of offense to Jacksonville, held the ball for just 23:00, didn’t convert a third-down until the fourth quarter and, despite a frantic yet unfulfilled rally in the fourth, exited the game as the lone NFL team without a rushing touchdown this season.  Just to update, that’s 30 losses in their last 33 games and 14 of the last 16 on the road.

K.C. is at Oakland next week and with a loss to the Raiders, we just may get drunk enough with our new shot glasses to order the garden gnome.  Maybe two.

The Daily News is making fun at the Chiefs expense here, but keep an eye on the official store.  As it stands right now, the “Sale” area is currently empty.  If Kansas City continues to struggle I can promise you there will be plenty of jerseys, shirts and various novelty items marked down for clearance.

Yes, even the garden gnomes.

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