Favre To Start Friday Night

BrettFavreInMinny(Photo via Star Tribune)

Earlier today word came that Brett Favre had agreed to sign with the Minnesota Vikings.  Now it appears Favre’s jump right to starting quarterback won’t even wait a day.

Favre is expected to practice with the Vikings today and start in Friday’s home preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy told the Associated Press he wasn’t surprised by Favre’s decision.

“I don’t think anybody should be surprised by it.”

Many felt Favre wanted to play for the Vikings in large part to get revenge on the Packers, whom he felt forced him into retirement. “We always look forward to playing the Vikings,” McCarthy said. “If he’s going to play, that’s obviously his choice.”

Favre’s decision to join the Vikings now — after initially saying he didn’t want to go through the grind of a season — is an indication that he really wanted to avoid the rigors of a two-week training camp and living in a dorm for two weeks.

And now all eyes are squarely on Friday night’s Vikings-Chiefs game.  Yesterday the biggest story lines were how much Dwayne Bowe would work with the first team offense and Tarvaris Jackson fighting for the Vikings starting quarterback position.  Now it’s all Favre all the time, once again.

Matt Cassel, Larry Johnson, Bowe and the rest of the Chiefs will be in Minnesota Friday night, but I promise you no one in the national media will notice.

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