Big Jump For Chiefs In Organization Rankings

It’s amazing what a winning season will do for the perception of your team around the league.  Just a year after coming in at 18th in the annual annual organization rankings, the AFC West champion Kansas City Chiefs have jumped up seven spots to 11.

The Chiefs at 11?  How about that?  Look mom, I’m on TV!  The Chiefs have four primetime games this year, showing that they are back in business.  Scott Pioli is a great general manager.  Todd Haley did a great job last year as head coach, but needs to learn not to be so aggressive on fourth down while in field-goal range.  And with Charlie Weis out, it is going to be interesting to watch the Haley/Matt Cassel relationship.

Considering most of the national media we’ve heard from has downgraded the 2011 Chiefs, it’s nice to see Kansas City well ahead of the Chargers (17), Broncos (20) and Raiders (26).

Just imagine how much more they would jump if the Chiefs didn’t get a six (out of 10) in four of the six categories: quarterback, owner, coach and intangibles.  Haley proving he can help Cassel take that next step without the help of Weis will go a long way towards improving three of those rankings.

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