Gailey Does What Haley Chose Not To

Chan Gailey was fired by Chiefs coach Todd Haley last season as offensive coordinator when Haley decided he wanted to run the team and the offense.  Now that Gailey is running the Buffalo Bills, he has made sure he can focus on all of his responsibilities by hiring Arizona Cardinals running backs coach Curtis Modkins as his offensive coordinator.

Working on an NFL Minority Coaching Fellowship in 1999, Modkins spent time learning under Gailey while the latter was in his final season as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.  He then worked with him at Georgia Tech in each of Gailey’s six years there, coaching running backs and defensive backs.  Upon Gailey’s firing from Tech, Modkins followed him to Kansas City in 2008, where Gailey became offensive coordinator and Modkins coached running backs.  Modkins spent the 2009 season in the same position under Ken Whisenhunt in Arizona.

Just look at this decision and you’ll see why Buffalo decided to go with an experienced coach.  Gailey knows that it can be too much for a head coach to also be an offensive coordinator.  It has been done successfully but it never hurts to have as big of a support staff as possible.  He will serve as the team’s primary play-caller, but this way he will have Modkins on the staff to handle the smaller day-to-day duties.

During his first season with the Chiefs, Haley seemed overwhelmed at times with having to run the offense by himself while tending to the rest of the team as well.  He quickly remedied the situation when he hired Charlie Weis and I really think we will see both the offense and team as a whole function better next season.

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