Gailey Releases Statement


The Kansas City Chiefs relieved offensive coordinator Chan Gailey of his duties earlier today.  After Todd Haley addressed the media, Gailey released a statement of his own.

“There’s never great timing for situations like this.  However, Todd has to do what’s best for the team and for the future of the Chiefs.  I respect that.  It didn’t work out for us, but I certainly think that he has a very fine offensive mind and I feel very fortunate to have worked for the Chiefs these past two years.

“I look forward to seeing how I might be able to help the franchise in the near future in other areas.”

Very classy statement from Gailey.  Clearly these two strong willed coaches could no longer work together.  I still think it’s a bad idea for Haley to try and bite off more than he can chew, but he is clearly comfortable adding more responsibilities.

If they couldn’t get along, then they couldn’t get along and that’s that.  I just wish Haley would have stripped Gailey of the play calling, but kept him on as offensive coordinator even if it was just to handle the less important things that a head coach shouldn’t have to worry about on a daily basis.

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