Game Balls: Chiefs vs. Bills

It wasn’t the way Todd Haley and his staff drew it up, but the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Buffalo Bills 13-10 in the final seconds of overtime Sunday afternoon at Arrowhead Stadium to maintain their 2 game lead in the AFC West.

Even though the Chiefs gained almost 100 yards more than the Bills and Jamaal Charles alone racked up 177 on the ground, it took Buffalo hitting the upright on a potential game-winning field goal in overtime to give Kansas City the chance to steal the victory.

This was one of the craziest games that I have seen the Chiefs play in years.

Between Todd Haley playing some more Russian roulette on 4th down, several huge plays being overturned by replay and both kickers missing field goals in overtime, you will be hard pressed to watch a more confusing football game.  It literally looked like neither team wanted to win the football game for long stretches.

The one thing I will take away from this game is that it’s the kind that the Chiefs would have absolutely lost the last few years.  This is a different team that will find ways to win, even when it looks like they are trying to find ways to lose.

Here are the best from offense, defense and special teams.

Offense: Jamaal Charles

Was there ever any doubt?

Charles continues to split carries with Thomas Jones but everyone knows who the No. 1 back is for the Kansas City Chiefs.  He only carried the ball 3 more times than Jones, but put up 100 more yards.  Yes, you’re reading that correctly: 3 more carries, 100 more yards.

Jones did the job most of us expected him to do when Kansas City signed him as a free agent.  He wears down a defense, making it even easier for Charles to take advantage of his speed.

On the day Charles not only had 177 yards rushing, but was also the team’s leading receiver with 4 catches for 61 yards.  Kid is a beast and the only downside of his day was that he didn’t get the ball more.

Defense: Eric Berry

He has struggled at times this season as he learns how to play strong safety at this level, but has shown in every game the skills that make him the 5th overall pick in the draft.  This week he turned in the best game of his young career, including a game-saving interception of Ryan Fitzpatrick with :20 seconds left in the 4th quarter and the Bills in Chiefs territory.

Berry led the team in tackles and was making plays at the line of scrimmage all day.  True, his game was not without warts, including being out of position in overtime on a completion to Lee Evans, but that shouldn’t overshadow the effort put in by the rookie.

Special Teams: Kickoff Coverage Unit

There was no one specialist that turned in a particularly great day.

Dustin Colquitt put three punts inside the 20, but also had two touchbacks and out kicked his coverage in the 4th quarter which allowed Buffalo to setup at midfield.

Ryan Succop hit the game-winning field goal in overtime, but missed his first try in the extra period.

The one part of special teams that stuck out was the kickoff coverage unit.  CJ Spiller came into today’s game as one of the best returners in the league and all he was able to muster was a 19.3 average over three returns.  Those few times he did get a chance to take the ball out, Spiller was welcomed with some big time hits.  On a day that special teams wasn’t all that special, this unit was easily the team’s best.

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