Game Balls: Chiefs vs. Broncos


After last week’s game I figured things could only get better, but the Chiefs proved that wasn’t the case at all.  Outplayed by the Broncos all day long, Kansas City has made us all but forget about their impressive victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers two long weeks ago.

Don’t worry, even during times like these I can find the best performers on offense, defense and special teams.

Offense: Tim Castille

Yup, it was that kind of game folks.

Matt Cassel had one of the worst games of his life, none of the receivers could catch the ball and Jamaal Charles scored as many touchdowns for the Broncos as he did the Chiefs.  So that all leads me to Castille.

He had three solid runs, including a nifty 16 yarder that left his average for the day at 8.7 and caught the only pass thrown to him for 8 yards.  Castille also provided the pass of the day when he lateraled across the field to Cassel on what ended up being an incomplete pass.

I was hoping to be impressed by Javarris Williams — fresh off the practice squad — today but instead Castille showed he deserved to get playing time behind Charles.

Defense: Tamba Hali

On a day the Kansas City Chiefs honored the greatest linebacker in the history of their franchise, Hali played a whole lot like the hall of famer.  Hali had three sacks, forced two fumbles and generally was all over the field.

Once the Broncos took control of the game you could see guys throwing in the towel, but not Hali.  He was still throwing guys down and trying (unfortunately unsuccessfully) to rally the Chiefs defense.  I know it’s hard to see the bright spots during a season like this one, but Hali has emerged as a legitimate threat on defense that has the potential to explode once there is better talent around him.

Special Teams: Dustin Colquitt

He only added one to his team record of punts inside the 20, but the offense took away multiple chances for him.  If you let Colquitt kick the ball instead of trying a fake in your own territory, he more likely than not pins the Broncos inside the 20.  And who knows how many of the three turnovers would have turned into great Colquitt punts.

When he was given the chance to kick he had a solid 53.7 average, including a 63 yarder.

Dusty for Chiefs player of the year?  He just might get my vote!

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