Game Balls: Chiefs vs. Ravens

The Kansas City Chiefs season came to a screeching halt on Sunday in the first round of the playoffs when they were embarrassed at home by the Baltimore Ravens 30-7.

After taking an early 7-3 lead the Chiefs offense all but disappeared and led to the defense finally breaking late.

The Chiefs biggest playmakers just couldn’t get into the flow of the game.  Jamaal Charles only had two carries for -5 in second half and Dwayne Bowe didn’t have any catches while both Kevin Curtis and Verran Tucker each had a catch.

While the Baltimore Ravens offense wasn’t able to deliver the big play, they moved the ball all day long.  Todd Heap delivered the best game of the season for the Ravens with 10 catches and 108 yards while Ray Rice hurt Kansas City out of the backfield by catching five passes for 42 yards and a touchdown.

Following a missed 4th and short on the Chiefs first drive of the third quarter at the Ravens 33 yard line, the Chiefs only had seven plays the rest of the quarter.  By then it was 23-7 and the game was all but over.

You hate to laud a defense after they give up 30 points, but the Chiefs defense held their own considering how many terrible situations they were put in by their offense.  Even the league’s best defense is going to eventually break down and that’s what happened while the Kansas City offense was coughing up the ball throughout the second half.

For the final time this season, here are the best on offense, defense and special teams for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Offense: Jamaal Charles

He was the Chiefs best player all season long and that didn’t change on Sunday.

Charles took his second carry 41 yards to the house to give Kansas City their first and only lead of the day with two minutes remaining in the first quarter.  After that play, however, he only had seven carries and one reception while the Ravens took charge of the game forcing the Chiefs to throw the ball the few times they had the ball.

Even when he wasn’t getting the ball, Charles never stopped going full speed.  On a Matt Cassel interception, Charles forced and recovered a fumble during the Ravens return to give Kansas City another chance.  Though after that drive stalled when he was stopped short on that fourth and short, Charles didn’t touch the ball again.

Defense: Glenn Dorsey

Tamba Hali had another two sacks including one in which he stripped Joe Flacco and you can make a case he deserves yet another game ball.  But Dorsey put in a non-stop effort that proved once and for all that he was worthy of being drafted in the top five.  The Ravens had trouble with him all day and may have even taken the title from Hali for “Most Deserving Of A Holding Penalty”.

On the day, Dorsey led the Chiefs defense with 11 tackles, 2 QB hits and could have been credited with at least half a sack.

Special Teams: Ryan Succop

There a lot of things that need to be fixed in Kansas City, but special teams need to be at the top of that list.  Their return game has been completely non-existent since Week 1 and they took a step back both kicking and punting the ball.

He wasn’t given a chance to kick a 50 yard field goal in the third quarter that would have tied the game, but the Chiefs kicker did everything asked of him on Sunday…  which wasn’t much.  Succop did not appear on the field again after his touchback at the end of the first quarter.  Yup, it was that kind of day.

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  1. I’m absolutely flabbergasted at the Chiefs 2nd half play calling ….

    Jamaal Charles had 77 yds. rushing in the first half and the coaching staff completely ignores it in the 2nd half.

    And yes, I didn’t understand the 4th down play either… kick the FG and it’s 10-10

    Goodbye… Charlie Weis … I won’t miss you!!!

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