Gannon Excited To See KC-Oakland Rivalry Return

Former Chiefs and Raiders QB Rich Gannon has seen how crazy the rivalry between the two teams can be from both sides.  As an analyst for CBS he also saw how far Oakland and Kansas City have fallen off in recent years.  Gannon told The Star’s Adam Teicher he is happy to see both teams back on the right track.

“I have a soft spot in my heart for both places.  I’ve got such great memories from both places.  It’s nice to see both of them winning again and having some success.  It’s been too long.  Football is better when those two teams are better.  It’s better when that rivalry means something.”

The Chiefs, after finishing 4-12 last season, looked better immediately this year, winning their first three games.  Oakland started slowly at 2-4 but won its last two games 59-14 over Denver and 33-3 over Seattle, sparking hope that the inconsistent Raiders have finally figured things out.

“They’re a much different team,” Gannon said.  “They’re better.  They put up more than 500 yards the last two weeks.  I won’t suggest they’re out of the woods but when they get both of their backs going, they’re tough.”

We’ve talked about this a lot this week, but I really can’t remember the last time I looked forward to a Chiefs-Raiders game this much.  Both teams like to line up and punch you in the mouth under normal circumstances and with the weather looking like it’s going to be nasty there is a chance neither team throws more than a few times.

With the Raiders having a chance to really bite into the Chiefs lead in the division, hopefully the Black Hole will be pumped up and this rivalry will finally feel like a real rivalry again.  Don’t get me wrong, at no point over the last few years did I get the feeling that Chiefs fans lost any of their distaste for the silver and black.  I certainly didn’t.  But the feeling of the week and the game is so much different when the teams are actually playing for something.

I expect to see both teams throw some major punches today in Oakland with whichever team stays on their feet carrying some major momentum into the second half of the season.

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