Glenn Dorsey Adapting To New Defense (Again)

Another popular topic of discussion around the Chiefs this offseason has been the potential move for Glenn Dorsey from end to nose tackle.  During the first week he has only lined up at end, but Todd Haley left open the possibility that Dorsey could move around on the line.

“I think the number one thing is you try to figure out where each player best helps you and right now that’s where he is, the defensive end position.  Again, he’s working hard and learning and meeting with the rest of the guys and to me is making progress.  I think that’s the most important, find out what you think each guy does to be his best for us as a team.”

The way Dorsey figures, the most important thing is adapting to the new defense under Romeo Crennel, his third coordinator in as many years.

“At this point, some of the stuff carried over from last year and some of the stuff does not,” Dorsey said.  “Right now, we are working with basic stuff and I’m sure we will start doing more and more in the coming weeks.”

“He’s been around championship football teams, so you know he’s not just talking; he’s been there and has seen what works,” said Dorsey.  “The stuff he’s telling you he has seen it in action; he’s been there, done that.  That gives us more motivation.

“He’s got a sense of humor and he’s good with words.  He’s able to break it down, to get you to grasp the concept.  He slows it down for you on the field and then we’ll speed it up.”

It doesn’t matter what he is labeled, I’d be shocked if he didn’t see a lot of time inside this season, especially on passing downs.  As solid as Ron Edwards has been, he just can’t keep getting the majority of snaps without eventually wearing down.  Shaun Smith was signed as a free agent to potentially help out, but we won’t know how much he will help until we get to training camp and see how he performs.

Wallace Gilberry’s role could also help decide how much the Chiefs test Dorsey inside.  There has been some talk about moving him to OLB, but moving your best pass rushing end to a new position could be a dangerous proposition.  It’s a decision that worked out last year with Tamba Hali, but in my mind Gilberry would have a much more difficult time making that transition.

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