Glenn Dorsey Fined For Hit On Derek Anderson

(photo via John Sleezer)

The Kansas City Chiefs haven’t had to deal with many fines this season.  Shaun Smith’s fine (which was rescinded) for some below the belt “business” received a lot of attention and Wallace Gilberry was nailed for a hit on Ryan Fitzpatrick, but all in all there hasn’t been a whole lot of money from Chiefs players being transferred to the league office.

That could change this week after Glenn Dorsey was hit with a fine, according to ESPN.

$7,500 against Kansas City Chiefs defensive lineman Glenn Dorsey for his fourth-quarter hit on Arizona Cardinals quarterback Derek Anderson.  Officials flagged Dorsey on the play.  The league fined him for striking Anderson in the knee area.

Dorsey has the right to appeal, and I’m sure he will, but this is one that won’t be going away.  We’ve talked time and again about the NFL going above and beyond to protect their quarterbacks and since the Bernard Pollard hit on Tom Brady, they have made a point to not only flag but also fine for those type of hits.

It’s still pretty clear that the NFL needs to refine their standards for what is worthy of a fine (Joe Mays on Tony Moeaki, anyone?) but the one thing that won’t change is that most flagged hits on QBs are going to draw a fine.

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