Haley “Chased Out” Of St. Joseph

As the Chiefs hold their mandatory mini-camp this weekend, all eyes are starting to look towards training camp.  For the first time, the Chiefs will spend their Summer at Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph.

During his press conference Friday, Todd Haley said he had a chance to see the new facilities while in the area for a personal matter.

He wasn’t exactly welcomed with open arms.

“Stopped off and took a look around, got chased out of there by their security, which was good.”

Haley said that the new location is easily a “win-win-win” situation.

“It’s a win for the people of St. Joseph, both that live up there in that nice little town, cute little town that almost reminded me of back home in some spots.  It’s a win for the university.  It’s a win for the fans that now have great access, it’s not a bad drive, it’s easy, it’s convenient so I’m really excited for the fans.   It’s a win for us, for the Chiefs I think because having a bunch of fans out there will be fun.  That creates energy.  I think it allows fans to get to know the team on a little more personal level, being out there, you get the people that choose to come out.  I think it’s good stuff.  I’m excited.”

These are the times I wish the Chiefs were back on “Hard Knocks”, because seeing the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs being shooed away from the field he will be holding court on in a few short weeks would have been priceless footage.  Dare I say…  better than anything Bobby Sippio or Casey Printers ever delivered for HBO.

A couple of days ago there were still some people in St. Joseph expressing their concern about just how well the town will be able to handle training camp and the extra traffic it will bring.

Yes, at the beginning there will still be locals complaining about some of the things that are different because all of these new people are wandering around town.  But once money starts circulating around town, even if the disgruntled locals aren’t directly impacted by the new cash flowing into the community, odds are in a town that small they will know someone that is.  In a good economy you would be dying to take on this sort of new business in town, so imagine how important the Chiefs time in St. Joseph will be while the economy is down.

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