Haley Knows What Vernon Davis Did Last Summer

After guaranteeing a victory this week, Vernon Davis was sure to be the talk of Chiefs practice.  Chiefs coach Todd Haley said that while he wasn’t surprised by Davis’ boasting, it reminded him of a TV segment the tight end filmed during the off season.

“Vernon Davis, as I said yesterday, is a heck of a player and a heck of a competitor.  I would expect that to be his belief and viewpoint, absolutely.  That made me flash to that sport science thing I saw over the summer where he yanked the guy off the ground and the guy flew 10 yards and burned his elbows up.”

Funny thing about Davis and his time spent with Sports Science is that he actually has done two segments with them, looking like a freak of nature in both.

The first is the YouTube video below and features the drill with Davis pulling the host around like a rag doll that Haley was talking about. The “money shot” — if you will — can be found at the 2:50 mark.  Wow.

The second is a Sports Center produced piece recorded in the studio with host John Brenkus being replaced by tackling dummies.

Good decision by Brenkus to make sure he wasn’t in the middle of the action this time.

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