Haley On Jones: He Fits What We’re Looking For

Earlier today, the Chiefs signed RB Thomas Jones to a two-year contract.  Kansas City head coach is very excited to now have Jones in the fold going forward.

“He’s an impressive guy.  We can’t have enough guys like Thomas,” Haley said.  “It’s one thing to be a leader and another to have the ability to back it up.  Thomas does that and is excited to continue to show that.

“He had his best year last year.  And I’m excited he wants to be here.”

“He fits what we’re looking for,” Haley said.  “He’s a good player, loves the game and is an excellent preparation guy and a good teammate.

“He’s been a part of other teams turning it in the right direction and he’s excited to be a part of this.”

“If we have a chance to add good football players, we’re going to do it,” Haley said.  “This was a great example of a good fit, no different than what we’ve been able to do coaching staff wise.  We need to because we only won four games last year and we’ve got to be better this year.”

I’m sure we are going to hear from Haley all offseason once again how every position is an open competition, but I hope this offense is put together to feature Jamaal Charles and his big-play ability.

Jones will allow the Chiefs to keep Charles fresh and feature him more in the passing game, but there should be no doubt about who is the starting running back.

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