Haley Sees Asamoah As Chiefs Unsung Hero

Don’t look now, but the Kansas City Chiefs rushing attack currently ranks seventh in the league after their 194 effort against the Indianapolis Colts.  Led by Jackie Battle’s 119 yards, the Chiefs offense looked a lot like the one that made waves on the way to an AFC West championship last season.

Head coach Todd Haley sees second-year guard Jon Asamoah as one of the main reasons for the offense finally clicking on the ground.

“I felt [he was] kind of an unsung hero in this last game – really the last two games, in my opinion – this last game especially just because of the yardage we were able to accumulate running and he’s been right at the heart of that.”

Looking at every run Battle — and Thomas Jones for that matter — was able to get a chunk of yardage, there was Asamoah onto the second level.  The offensive line as a whole played well against the Colts, but Asamoah looked like the best player on Sunday.

We all throw around “The Right 53” around a lot, but no one fits the description better than Asamoah.

“He’s serious, he’s tough, he’s highly competitive at his job,” Haley said.  “And really within the game you’ll see some emotion out of him on big plays or big runs or big first downs.”

The first-year starter is only going to get better as the season goes along and with the line’s weakest link — RT Barry Richardson — playing next to him, Asamoah’s continued progress will be huge as the Chiefs schedule ramps up the second half of the season.

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