Haley Talks “Will”

If you’ve seen any pictures or video from Kansas City Chiefs training camp, you no doubt have seen the shirts both the players and coaches have been sporting on campus with “Chiefs Will” written on the back.  Todd Haley was asked about why he decided to have that saying specifically put on the shirts.

“I like to have something in camp to keep your focus on and I will keep it between myself and the team, really in-depth.

“Will is an interesting word in football and it obviously has a double meaning, but I will leave it at that.  I like the way it sounds for some reason.”

Certain members of the media (both local and national) like to throw out the word “ego” when it comes to Haley and General Manager Scott Pioli.  But I think it’s more about having a certain kind of swagger and after seeing these shirts maybe we can call it “Chiefs Will”.  You have to have a high level of confidence to be successful and instead of mistaking it for ego maybe it needs to be recognized as a strong will.

A huge part of any new regime is getting the players to “buy in” and early on in year 2, it seems like everyone wants to show their “Chiefs Will”.

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