Halftime Adjustments: Chiefs vs. Broncos

The Kansas City Chiefs has held the Denver Broncos to 0 passing yards.  Zero, none, zip.  Don’t think that means the Chiefs have a lead, because their passing attack has been just as ugly and trail the Broncos 10-0 at halftime at Arrowhead Stadium.

Broncos QB Tim Tebow has gone 0-for-4, but also hasn’t gotten much help from his receivers who have dropped two very catchable passes.  Still, with the Denver offense unable to throw the ball with any success, the Kansas City defense should be able to load up against the run.  Should.

Instead, the Broncos have 169 yards rushing on just 28 carries (a Jamaal Charles-esque 6 yards per carry) despite losing both starting running back Willis McGahee and backup Knowshon Moreno with leg injuries.  Tebow has carried the ball four times for 24 yards and third string running back Lance Ball has 47 yards on 12 carries (3.9 yard average).

The Chiefs, on the other hand, have yet to get anything going on offense.  Matt Cassel once again finds himself running for his life as he’s been sacked three times and hit on nearly every drop back.  Things aren’t much better on the ground with the running game only mustering 54 yards on 12 carries with no run going for more than 9 yards.

There was one bright spot in the first half when Cassel hit rookie Jonathan Baldwin down the field for what can only be described as the best catch I have ever seen.  Baldwin was interfered with and still managed to catch the ball despite the safety getting between him and the ball.

Unfortunately for Kansas City, the amazing throw and catch was called back by off-setting penalties.  WR Steve Breaston was flagged for illegal motion when he failed to step off the line of scrimmage before the snap and uncover the tight end.

There’s a pretty easy fix for the Chiefs in the second half: stop the Broncos running game and protect Cassel.  Load up the box to force Tebow to beat you and then tip your cap if he manages to do it.  There’s no way you can lose a game when your opponent doesn’t complete a pass.

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