Willie Roaf, Will Shields Among HOF Semifinalists

Of the six players and coaches with ties to the Kansas City Chiefs that were among the 2012 modern-era Pro Football Hall of Fame nominees, two have been chosen as semifinalists.  Offensive linemen Willie Roaf and Will Shields are among the 26 semifinalists selected by the Hall of Fame Selection Committee.

Roaf was first eligible last year but didn’t make the cut.  This is the first year Shields was eligible for the Hall and he is the only first-year player to be selected for advancement.  The only other first-year eligible person to make the cut was Bill Parcells, though technically he was a finalist back in 2001-02 before he decided to come back to coach the Dallas Cowboys.

The Hall of Fame announced that while usually they only have 25 semifinalists, there was a tie for the final position.

If Shields isn’t worthy of the Hall on his first attempt, I don’t know who is.  Nine times All-Pro, 12 Pro Bowls and named to the NFL’s All-Decade Team for the 2000s is better than players that were elected their first year eligible.

While it would seem like a no brainer for Shields to get the call, I thought Roaf deserved to make it last year.  Here’s hoping that both former Chiefs get to go in together.

The semifinalists will now go up for a vote and be cut to 15 modern-era finalists, to be announced in January.

Those with ties to the Chiefs that didn’t make the cut were Albert Lewis, Nick Lowery, Marty Schottenheimer and Dick Vermeil.

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