Head-To-Head Mock: Bryan Bulaga To Kansas City

For the second time in ten days a major sports site has put together a head-to-head mock.  The first one was courtesy of ESPN.com and both Mel Kiper and Todd McShay agreed the Chiefs would select Eric Berry.  This time around it’s Yahoo.com bringing together PFW and Shutdown Corner and again there is a consensus but one of a very different kind: Iowa OT Bryan Bulaga.


GM Scott Pioli showed when he drafted Tyson Jackson a year ago that he not only values safe selections, but that he prefers to build inside-out.  Bulaga is the safest tackle in this year’s draft, and Pioli could feel comfortable knowing exactly what he is getting with strong ties to the Kirk Ferentz-led Iowa program.

Shutdown Corner

The Chiefs need a lot of things, but line reinforcements are key.  Bulaga is tough, technically sound, and more people are coming around to the notion that he wouldn’t be a real reach in the top five.  His selection would allow the Chiefs to move Branden Albert inside or to right tackle.

This isn’t the first time the Chiefs have been tied to Bulaga, but I still have trouble coming around the idea.

In PFW’s scenario both Russell Okung and Berry were still available and on the other side of the head-to-head Berry and Jimmy Clausen (for trade purposes) are on the board.

I have yet to talk to someone that doesn’t think Berry is the best defensive player available after Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy, a feeling that I completely agree with.  And if your defense was as bad as the Chiefs was last season is it possible to pass on Berry if he’s on the board?

Scott Pioli will no doubt continue to try and improve the offensive line, but Albert can more than handle playing on the left side and Ryan O’Callaghan showed real promise down the stretch on the right.  With the interior already poised to be better than last year with the additions of Casey Wiegmann and Ryan Lilja that will only help both tackles progress.

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