Herm Edwards: 49ers Face “Tough Menu” In KC

Even though only two of his peers at ESPN have picked the Chiefs to beat the 49ers Sunday at Arrowhead, former Kansas City head coach Herm Edwards believes that San Francisco will have a hard time picking up their first victory.

It won’t be an easy game in Kansas City.  It’ll be very loud.  It’s a tough menu.  The Chiefs are 2-0.  They are winning games with defense and special teams.

These are some of the kids we started as rookies three years ago.  Now they have some confidence.  When you win close games, you have confidence that you can make a play.  That’s what Kansas City has right now.

Look at Herm jumping on the band wagon!  Plenty of room, folks, so climb aboard!

I do believe that a lot of these younger Chiefs players needed to experience a couple of wins in close games to get their confidence level up.  It’s one thing if the Chargers would have continued to roll over opening weekend, but they kept hitting Kansas City until the final play and the team never fell down.  That was a huge boost that carried over to last weekend and we could see this all snowball again if the Chiefs manage to stay undefeated.

The Chiefs have struggled so much in the passing game, I have a hard time believing that all of a sudden they are going to be able to move the ball.  San Francisco is going to line up with 8 men in the box, hit the Chiefs in the mouth on every play and say “Go ahead, throw the ball down the field”.  And as much as I want to believe that the offense will answer the bell, I just can’t talk myself into it.

I’m pumped for the game and hopeful that the Arrowhead will crowd show up the way they did for Monday Night Football.  As I said in my Week 3 NFL Picks, the 49ers defense is just too good for Matt Cassel to handle right now.

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