Time To Boot “Chiefs” From KU Games?

As any Kansas City Chiefs fan will tell you, when the National Anthem is winding down at Arrowhead, it’s “home of the CHIEEEEEEFS” in place of “brave”.  Just the way it is on Sundays.  But with the Kansas basketball fans bringing the tradition indoors, The Star’s Sam Mellinger has a simple question…  why?

Full disclosure, I also think it’s ridiculous to do it at Arrowhead Stadium, but at least there, I get it.  You’re at a Chiefs game, you’re stoked, probably drunk, whatever.

But this CHIEFS!!! thing at other places has gone too far.  The guy who sang the anthem at the KU-Mizzou game last night — hell of a set of pipes, by the way — wrote a letter to KU fans pleading with them to give the Chiefs thing a rest last night.

Of course, they only screamed louder.

Full disclosure of my own, I don’t mind that people do it at Arrowhead… at all.  It is what Chiefs fans do and at this point I don’t know that I can imagine pregame on Sunday’s without the booming “CHIEEEEEEFS” putting a bow on the anthem.  Perfect way to start off a game.

I also really dug it when Kansas City fans did it this season in the Edward Jones Dome before the Chiefs-Rams game.

With that being said, I don’t understand carrying it over to other sports.  Kansas basketball, Thunder at the Sprint Center, wherever.  If it’s not at Arrowhead or across the state to stick it to the Rams and their fans, I don’t get it.

I’m not deeply offended.  It’s not something worth getting worked up over.  It is, however, bizarre-sounding before a college basketball game.

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