Hot Start Slashes Chiefs Odds To Win AFC West

No matter where you looked in the offseason, the Kansas City Chiefs would deliver a big payday if they won the AFC West.  After starting 3-0, their odds have come down as low as 2/1.

Other odds to win the AFC West:

The San Diego Chargers were the big early favorites.  They are still listed with very short odds of -175, hardly worth the price at this time.

Oakland has odds of 20/1.

Denver has odds of 12/1.

Just before the season started, the Chiefs were longer odds to win the Super Bowl this year than last year (100 compared to 60).  Based on Kansas City simply being a better value, I suggested you take a flier on the Chiefs winning it all.  While that is still a long shot to pay off, it looks a whole lot better after three weeks.

If you decided to play it a little more safe (and settle for a smaller payoff) and took the Chiefs at 9/1 to win the division you have to be feeling pretty good about yourself.  If you missed out on putting money on the division title, you should wait until the Chiefs drop a few games and you can get a better return on your investment.

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