Romeo Crennel Is Back In The Game

Former Kansas City Chiefs head coach and defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel by all accounts was happy to be retired. After all, it’s not hard to get beat into submission by a two win season. But according to reports, new Houston Texans head coach Bill O’Brien is ready to name Crennel as his defensive coordinator.RomeoCrennel7

Crennel won’t be the last former New England Patriots assistant added to O’Brien’s staff, especially considering word that he doesn’t plan to retain any of the previous coaches.

Obviously things didn’t end well for Crennel in Kansas City, but the man knows how to run a defense. There will be some wondering if a man that will be 67 by the time training camp comes around is ready to keep up with the pace of the league.

The average age of the defensive coordinators from the top 10 units in the league was 50 last year. Out of that group, the oldest is 62 and the youngest is 39.

Crennel is a good man that deserves to work as long as he wants and I’ll be pulling for him. But O’Brien should learn from history that trying to recreate “The Patriot Way” hasn’t exactly been successful.

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