How Much Will Matt Cassel Hold Back The Chiefs?

It’s no secret that the Kansas City Chiefs offense doesn’t often throw the ball down the field.  Is Matt Cassel’s inability to consistently throw the long ball (20+ yards) going to hold the Chiefs back going forward?  Martin Manley at The Star decided to look at the best and worst QBs by average yards per attempt and see if it corresponded to the team’s wins and losses.

Also shown are the average completion percentages and the INT rate per 100 passes.


Group W-L Win% Comp% INT rate
Top.10 111-49 69.4% 65.8% 2.1
Bottom.10 52-108 32.5% 55.4% 3.9


Group W-L Win% Comp% INT rate
Top.10 89-71 55.6% 63.5% 3.1
Bottom.10 50-110 31.3% 56.7% 2.4

Great work by Manley.  Make sure you go and soak in all of the information he put together.

For what it’s worth, Cassel is currently 5th from the bottom in YPA and is completing 54.7% of his passes.  It stands to reason that the Chiefs winning percentage will continue to dip if the passing game doesn’t improve.

As the research shows, there are always exceptions and that will likely be the case again this year.  Cassel supporters will tell you that he will be that exception in 2010, that the Chiefs will succeed because he is a successful game manager.

The problem with banking on the exception to the rule (stats?) residing in Kansas City is that the odds are stacked against you.  Sure, Cassel can continue playing poorly and the Chiefs could go 12-4 while riding a strong running game and even stronger defense.  Common sense should tell you that Cassel needs to be better if the Chiefs are going to be a legitimate playoff team.

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