Jackson Guarantees Raiders Will Win AFC West

The San Diego Chargers have taken an early lead in the race for the AFC West, but don’t think that means any other team in the division is ready to concede the title just four games into the season.  However, Oakland Raiders head coach Hue Jackson took it an extra step on Monday by guaranteeing his team would win the division.

“We’re going to win the AFC West. We’re going to do everything we can to get in the playoffs and go challenge for a Super Bowl. I am not backing down from that,” Jackson told local reporters.

The Raiders are currently just one game behind the Chargers and still face San Diego twice over the final three quarters of the season.

While there isn’t a head coach in the league that is going to say they expect anything other than to win every game they play, going as far as to guarantee a division title so early is a bit much.  Jackson would have been much better off sticking to the “one game at a time” mantra that Todd Haley — and countless other coaches — preach every week.

The thing is, Oakland has looked good early on leading the league in rushing and beating a tough Jets team and narrowly losing to a 3-1 Buffalo Bills squad.  They even hung around with the New England Patriots, putting up 100 more yards on offense but losing the turnover battle 2-0.

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