Jackson Doesn’t Sound Excited About QB Choices

During their victory over the Cleveland Browns, the Oakland Raiders lost starting QB Jason Campell to a broken collarbone.  The injury is likely to sideline Campbell for the remainder of the regular season.

After the game, Raiders head coach Hue Jackson didn’t exactly sound excited about his options, especially when asked if he would be comfortable with backup Kyle Boller starting the rest of the year, starting with Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs.

“Right now I am,” Jackson said according to The Mercury News.  “There’s nothing else I have on the horizon.  Kyle Boller is the quarterback.”

Boller had his moments as a solid game manager for the Baltimore Ravens but has only appeared in 13 games over the last four years.  That includes five last season for Oakland in which he attempted all of four passes including two completions and one interception.

Then there is also rookie Terrelle Pryor, fresh off a five-game suspension and one-game exemption.  The former embattled Buckeye has yet to be added to the 53-man roster, though that will happen today.  Well, coach, could the talented Pryor really be OK as the backup?

“Umm, he’s on our team.  Right now, that’s what we’ve got.”

The team will no doubt bring in another veteran — David Garrard? — to try and give Jackson a little more confidence, but as of right now it’s just Boller and Pryor, which means good news for the Chiefs hopes of getting right back into the thick of things in the AFC West.

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