I Have A Feeling We’re Not In River Falls Anymore

(Photo via John Sleezer)

The Kansas City Chiefs moved into their dorms on the Missouri Western campus yesterday after nearly 20 years holding training camp in River Falls, Wisconsin.  Veteran Brian Waters told reporters he knew St. Joseph was ahead of the game when he spotted three McDonalds on his way through town.  But he also said he was worried about the more important difference between the two towns: the heat.

“I’m as concerned as everybody else,” Waters said.  “It’s a little different from River Falls.  I’m sure most guys are like this.  It definitely affects your performance on a football field.  You’ve got to be very smart with it.

“I can’t imagine how many of our games throughout the season will be in this type of temperature.  This is just something we have to deal with. … I’m sure any player with any sense would rather be in a cooler climate.”

Of course anyone would rather be in a cooler climate, but I see this heat as a positive for the Chiefs.  Any coach or player will tell you that it’s much harder to stay focused when you have to deal with any sort of extreme elements.  If you ask me, there’s no down side to a team being more mentally prepared for the regular season and that’s exactly what practicing in these conditions have a chance to deliver.

With that being said, Todd Haley knows that his team will only be able to take so much.  The second year head coach hasn’t scheduled back-to-back two-a-days.

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