Importing Girls No Big Deal To “Player X”

The Kansas City Chiefs have been almost completely silent on the issue of Dwayne Bowe’s story of players “importing women”.  Meanwhile ESPN’s own “Player X” — a player blogging anonymously — didn’t feel the groupie revelation was much of a revelation in itself, but that it would have been better left unsaid.

Now, I know this thing has caused a bit of drama in Kansas City, but it doesn’t really seem like a huge deal to me.  As long as everyone was single and no one, male or female, was pressured into anything, what’s the problem?  So they had a party, good for them.  If you get a bunch of single guys together with some girls, things are going to happen.  In the same way, a group might head out to a bar or a club and meet some women and bring them back to a hotel on the road.  I’m not a strip club guy, but I have teammates who frequent them and enjoy spending time with dancers.  All this stuff is just guys being guys.

As I said a few weeks ago when the story about Ken Griffey Jr. broke, some things should stay in the clubhouse.  And in Bowe’s case, discretion probably should have been the better part of bravado.  I know I wouldn’t want to be that guy right now.

As I said when the story first came out, it shouldn’t come as news to anyone that players fool around on the road.  It might not be to the extent that Bowe detailed, but it happens.

The issue isn’t just Bowe breaking some sort of code between teammates, thought that’s certainly a big deal.  What “Player X” is missing is that even if all the players involved were single, it’s the married ones that have to defend themselves no matter their level of guilt.  “Player X” is either single or married and never had to answer questions about what happens on a road trip.

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