Improved? Not According To Vegas

By all accounts, the Kansas City Chiefs are not only a better team in Todd Haley’s second season as head coach but they will also be helped out by an easier schedule.

Wouldn’t that make you think they would be going off in Las Vegas at better odds than in 2009?

The Las Vegas Sports Consultants listed the Chiefs odds at 60-1 to win the Super Bowl last year.  This time around, they have moved Kansas City to 100-1.

Better Players + Easier Schedule + Year 2 = Longer Odds?

As I’ve repeated often around here, I’ve never been good at math but even I can see that at worst the Chiefs odds should be the same as last season.

Last year there were three teams with worse odds than the Chiefs.  This time around only the Buffalo Bills (120-1) and St. Louis Rams (150-1) are seen as bigger long shots, however the Lions, Raiders and Bucs all sit with Kansas City at 100-1.

Listen, the Las Vegas Sports Consultants do what they do for a reason.  However, last year they assigned the New  Orleans Saints the 14th best odds with 20-1.

While I’m not saying to run out to your local bookie and plop down a ton of your hard earned cash on the Chiefs to win it all.  However, it is worth noting that compared to last season they are quite the value and could be worth a flier.

Why not hope for a dream season and get rich in the process?

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