Is Calling Plays Really A Risk For Todd Haley?

With Charlie Weis sunning down in Florida, the Kansas City Chiefs are now working without an offensive coordinator.  The search is on for a new one and head coach Todd Haley is still an option to take that role on.  It seems that many people feel if Haley takes over play-calling that he would be risking a repeat of 2009 when Chan Gailey was fired just before the start of the season and replaced by Haley.

During that first season, Haley spent so much time with the offense that it was taking away from the productivity of defense and special teams, playing a big role in the Chiefs finishing just 4-12.

Here is what confuses me about this whole situation, or more specifically how people are reacting to it.  If Haley is going to call the plays, it doesn’t mean things are going to operate exactly how they did in 2009.

First of all, Haley has two years under his belt running a team and that experience cannot be overvalued when it comes to him taking on more responsibilities.  Second, this is an opportunity for Haley to correct the mistakes he made that first season.  Instead of being the offensive coordinator and play-caller, Haley has a chance to bring in a coordinator while as the head coach he calls the plays.

Haley only made two missteps in handling the offense two seasons ago.  The first was keeping Chan Gailey on the staff after he was hired as head coach when they clearly had a huge difference of opinion about how the Chiefs offense should run.  The other was not replacing Gailey after firing him two weeks before the season started.

This time around Haley can hire an offensive coordinator to work closely with Matt Cassel and manage all of the little things that come up on a day-to-day basis while he continues having a hand in all phases of the game.  Then come Sundays, Haley can call the plays until he feels comfortable handing those responsibilities over to his coordinator.

How that setup would recreate the issues of 2009 is beyond me.

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  1. Those that are insecure of their abilities will attempt to do the job themselves instead of exposing their own deficiencies. Haley has that problem.

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