Is The Worst Over?

Now that Todd Haley has hired brand new coordinators and he is entering his second year as head coach he feels that the Kansas City Chiefs are on the right side of rebuilding.

“You can feel that things are going in the right direction and that’s what has us all encouraged and excited,” Haley said.  “The key thing is that the guys, the players, continue to work and continue to see progress.

“It was up and down. We had some games that we would have liked to have won.  To end in the manner we ended … all of them kind of felt the same thing.  I had multiple players come to me after the Denver game and say, ‘I wish we could play so-and-so again.  We’d beat them this time.’  You’ve got to have (positive) results.”

Haley said he will be better prepared heading into his second season now that he’s more aware of the job’s many challenges.

“I know so much more about the job,” he said.  “You can’t prepare for until you do it.  To have that year under my belt and that experience is huge for me … .”

The Chiefs couldn’t have found a better way to end their season than beating the Broncos in Denver.  Even bigger than that win was the play of Charles, which gave this franchise a new view on not only their terrible season but the immediate future of the franchise.

So, yes, the worst appears to be over.  One player doesn’t make the last three seasons go away, but it’s a hell of a building block for Todd Haley and Scott Pioli going into free agency and the draft.

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