It’s Official: Chiefs Report Thursday, Practice Friday

The Kansas City Chiefs announced on Tuesday that training camp will officially kick off on Thursday when players are set to check in at Missouri Western State University before taking part in their first practice on Friday at 3:30.

“One is there will be multiple night practices up at camp, two is we will be doing family fun day as we have in the past,” said [Chiefs President Mark] Donovan.  “Right now it’s scheduled for Friday August 6th.  We will also have a season ticket holder night at training camp.”

Another aspect of camp that they wanted to let fans know was that they are going to try to keep as many practices open to the public as possible.

“I think what you’re going to see at training camp this year is, whenever possible, our practices are going to be open to the public, and we’ve talked about that,” said Donovan.  “Obviously, if there’s a thunderstorm and it’s raining and the coach has to take players indoors, we physically can’t bring fans in there, but our goal is to have every practice open to the public.”

For those of us that enjoy watching teams practice, there’s something about seeing it at night that makes it that much better.  Here’s hoping that “multiple night practices” means at least one a week.

We’ll have to see if the Chiefs are good to their word that every practice other than those hampered by weather will be open to the public.  If someone takes the trip out to St. Joe, they should be able to catch as many practices as the weather allows.

The Chiefs practice in three days.  This is awesome.

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